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Sexcavation Ep.4: Navigating Online Dating with Pani Farvid

5/11/2020 | 49 min

Dr. Pani Farvid brings us into the intimate world of online sex work, as well as the gendered dynamics of sex work and online dating in life during quarantine. TW: misogynistic comments given as examples that include references to rape and threats/violence towards women.

Navigating Online Dating with Pani FarvidSexcavation Ep.4
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2/27/2020 | 49 min

In episode 3, Dr. Lisa Diamond shakes up our misconceptions of what love is - something biological and neurological, rather than just a feeling - and helps us understand our bonds with others on a deeper level.

Uncovering Love with Lisa DiamondSexcavation Ep.3
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2/27/2020 | 42 min

Dr. Phil Hammack breaks down perceptions of polyamory and what different types of relationships can offer individuals and their partners, as well as introducing us to my new favorite phrase: queer intimacies.

Polyamory with Phil HammackSexcavation Ep.2
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2/27/2020 | 36 min

In our inaugural episode, gender activist Riki Wilchins takes us through the history of trans politics, genderqueer identity, and the continued policing of gender and bodies.

Queering Gender with Riki Wilchins Sexcavation Ep.1
00:00 / 35:52